Wow, we serve an almighty awesome God!  There is a stirring in the atmosphere and you can just sense that God is up to something. This is the hour that He is preparing His church for great and mighty things…especially the harvest of souls for the building up of the Kingdom of God. I encourage you to go to the home page of this website and at the bottom of the page watch the video “the anthem”…people, YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS!!!!

I sense the Lord calling us to a closer walk with Him…Eat the Word…digest it and put it to work within your life. The Lord is also calling us to Love one another with the love of the Lord. This is not the hour to be holding onto  offense… this is the hour to walk in God’s love and His grace. With the same measure of grace that you extend, God extends to you. Those who are walking with a judgemental attitude, you need to surrender that to the Lord and seek His forgiveness….Love one another with the Love of the Lord.  If God has forgiven people, then who are we not to! Wow!

Lord, we ask that you do a work in Broken Bow, Nebraska that is so awesome NO man can receive the glory….all men will know that it was only by the work of the Heavenly Father’s mighty hand those things were accomplished! May Your glory fall and be seen by all men in this region and to the uttermost parts of the world. We declare the favor of the Lord over this fellowship in Jesus Name, and may your will be done on earth as You  purpose it in heaven!
Pastor Rick and Kenya